Over $14,355 dispersed to local artists so far this year! Join our list of Milwaukee art supporters today!

2024 Local Art Supporters
People that have directly supported the Milwaukee arts scene this year by purchasing work by a local artist through Scout. Thank you so much for your support; we can't do it without you!

$14,355.40 dispersed to Milwaukee artists so far this year

THANK YOU TO: J. Allen, Ann Baer, Willow Bayer, George & Allison Bluvas, Evan Bradbury, Adam Carr, M. Castillo, Frank Clines, H. Chambers, J. Cooper, Stephanie Copoulos-Selle, Margaret & David Cory, S. Cronn, Carol Rode-Curley, W. Davidson, J. De Nomie, E. Dequina, M. Douglas, Claudia Egan, Dan Fleming, Chris Freiberg, M. Garry, S. Gavin, Kristin Gjerdset, Dave Gnadt, Samira Goisis, Joey Grihalva, K. Haydek, Hillarie Higgins, S. Iwanski, M. Jiuhl, J. Klonicki, Jerome Knapp, M. Kocher, B. Kortendick, Lindsay Krchma, John Kowalczyk, P. Kowalczyk, J. Kukuk, J. Lancaster, Dara Larson, L. Liertz, J. Lippmann, Aaron Lucente, K. Lynch, G. Macchia, M. McLawhorn, B. Medina, C. Meyer, David Mueller, D. Nelson, Sean Patterson, T. Profita, K. Romantini, E. Rounds, Steph Salvia, N. Schwaab, Kevin & Marilee Shepard, Amanda & Jason Stys, Geoff & Tarin Trudeau, R. Woehler


Join the list! There are over 1,000 ways to support local Milwaukee artists on the Scout site- just buy ANY piece and the majority of your money will go directly to the artist!

Don't know what to buy just yet?

  • Buy a Scout Mystery Bag for $50!

  • Or spend as little as $10 and we will send you a great original work by a local artist. Any amount of money you spend with us helps support the arts! Click here to support our mission