"Meditation Tree Series: 9" by Dara Larson

"Meditation Tree Series: 9" by Dara Larson

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"Meditation Tree Series: 9"

by Dara Larson

12" x 10" x .5" - framed (in black, with glass)

mixed media, papel amate mulberry paper

"These artworks are created on a base of cotton pulp which forms a colorful handmade paper pulp painting background. The trees are the bark of Mulberry or Kozo trees/bushes. Papel Amate or Tapa proto paper has been made as early as 500 CE in Mexico and the Pacific. Small branches from living trees are cut & boiled and the fiber is then pounded with mallets. I create the tree shapes naturally during a quiet process of organically pulling and pressing the fibers. Additional drawing in watercolor is used to highlight some of the webbing of the inner tree back. The natural lifeforce of the nutrients flow through the fiber. These trees are a meditation on the structure and lives of trees" - Dara Larson, artist

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