Our Hours

Scout Gallery is excited to announce that we will officially open the doors to our new space in June 2021! 


Our Location

As of September 1st, Scout Gallery is located on the main floor of the Hide House in Bay View (2625 S. Greeley St, #110, Milwaukee, WI 53207). The main door to the Hide House is located at the building's loading dock (gold signs at the intersection of Greeley & Dover), up a small flight of stairs and to your right. Scout is in unit #110, located along the east/street side of the building. (Once you go in, stay to your right.)

- for curbside pickup orders:

We will gladly arrange a time to meet you at Scout and bring your art order to you in your car! Park in the loading dock (bright gold signs) located at the intersection of Greeley & Dover. If the dock is in use, please park nearby. Call or text the phone number given to you in your order confirmation.

- for pickup orders in person:

You are welcome to come to Scout to pick up your order at an arranged time. There is parking available on the street and in a lot located on the northeast corner at the intersection of Greeley & Dover St.


Our Prices

All artwork is priced by the artists themselves. Scout takes a 30% commission on most sales; the artist receives the other 70%. Scout Gallery has chosen to take a smaller commission than other galleries to keep prices down thereby encouraging more art sales. When there are sales or discounts on our pieces, it almost always comes out of Scout's commission (not the artist's).

- shipping:

Scout will deliver locally for an additional flat charge. If the piece requires special transportation (i.e. renting a truck/van), that cost will be added to the delivery fee after notifying the customer for confirmation. Scout will deliver outside of Milwaukee for additional fees, please email with requests.

All shipping rates are estimates. If additional costs are needed, Scout will notify the customer for confirmation before proceeding. Some items will need a custom rate calculated for shipment, please email us for estimates.

- returns:

Returns are not generally accepted and all sales are final. However, if something is damaged in the shipping process, Scout will work with the buyer on a solution and/or return. Buyers are encouraged to make an appointment to view any art they might have interest in before buying. 


Our Artists:

Scout works with a variety of artists. Some are represented by Scout, some are Scout studio members, and some are friends of Scout. The art we sell online is verified by the gallery and will change from time to time. If you'd like help finding the right art that suits you, let us know! If you'd like help locating that perfect piece for any particular space, let us know! We have many artists in our network that are not up on our website. We love to "scout" for art and enjoy the matchmaking process for both the artist and the collector.